Botaki Ba Afrika is a registered non-profit art organization aimed at providing emerging creatives (active within the disciplines of music, literature and art) with developmental support focusing on maturing their artistry, branding and entrepreneurial skills. Through various developmental programs, the aim of bridging the gap between the art economy, art requirements (by the art industry) and emerging creatives are met. We further promote early artists' development, exposure, guidance and support..

botaki cauldrin


To establish an African Led Art Institute in all African countries where African artists are learning, developing, exchanging and preserving African knowledge along with the contemporary way of living through the promotion of indigenous practices. The institutes will primarily serve as a skills development centre and will promote economic transformation and freedom within disadvantaged black communities.


To use art as a key tool within community building engagement and development
To promote the initiative and spirit of sharing and passing down knowledge within the art community.
To use the arts to enhance the process of social transformation & social cohesion.
To promote entrepreneurship & self-employment within the black community through the development and comprehension of art .

Organisation Objectives

To assist African artists in being direct active participants within the art economy of South Africa, Africa, and the World.
To ignite the spirit of writing and art comprehension within the youth in the creative industry.
To offer a platform and resources to artists to be able to practice and produce their art.
To promote creativity through the creation of original artworks, crafted merchandises, and performances.
To develop art articulation and narrative skill within artists.
To promote self-employment within the art sector through business, marketing, and entrepreneurial skills development.
To assist artists with acquiring an online presence, showcasing, and promoting their work online to reach a broader market.

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